Sunflower Blues Doggy and Me Set

Sunflower Blues Doggy and Me Set

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Every dog mom knows that our pups are considered family so now you and your fur baby can match! 

Each set comes with an adult sized knotted headband and a matching bandana for your dog! Bandanas are made so that you simply slide the collar through the opening at either end. This way you don't have to worry about the bandana coming untied or being too tight. 

Sizing: Bandanas are made for dogs of average size (25-55 pounds, 18.5 inch neck) If you need a larger or smaller bandana, please leave a description of the size and what kind of dog you have. 


Matching sets ship in 5-7 days since these are custom made. If you order other products along with the set, everything will ship at the same time. 


*there is a slight color variation between the headband and the bananas due to the difference in fabric used and the way the ink transfers