Style Tips

Easy & quick to put on, making you look effortlessly ready for whatever life throws at you!

Brushed Jersey Headbands

Headbands giving you headaches? We've got a solution. You need to try our Brushed Jersey Headbands — they're super SOFT and super STRETCHY. We've got tons of different prints and different styles too!


Claw Clips

This is a quick and easy way to style your hair using one of our mini claw clips! ⁣⁣I usually like to do this style on day two or day three hair-my hair/bangs get so wonky when I sleep that this is a nice way to get those pieces up and out of the way while still looking cute! ⁣


Hard Headbands

Here’s a quick and easy way to wear a hard headband with your hair up! ⁣⁣This looks is perfect for when you want your hair up and off of your neck but still look cute at the same time!


Knotted Headbands

Our Knotted headband is by far our most popular style we have but some people don’t know you can wear them two ways-with the knot in the front OR the back! ⁣⁣Wearing the knot in the front of your head is super cute but wearing the headband “backwards” provides more coverage which is great if you’re trying to extend wash day or you have lots of baby hairs (like me).


Tied Headbands

Did you know that our tied headbands come untied?! (You’d be surprised at the number of people who don’t know this). ⁣I love to wear tied headbands with my hair up-makes me feel a little more put together!


Top Knot Headbands

Here are the quickest and easiest ways to style our Top Knot Headbands! ⁣⁣Wear the top knot with your hair down. I just slip it over my head, pull out some hair on the sides and adjust the knot a bit. Super easy and super cute! ⁣⁣Wear the top knot with your pony tail or even a messy bun!

Pro tip: I always put the headband on around my neck FIRST and then put my hair up. That way I don’t have to worry about the headband messy up my baby hairs (trust me, I have a lot of them lol) ⁣